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2019 UIC Freshman Orientation & Pre-frosh Workshop
Jan 11, 2019  |  Read: 4,224

Dear 2019 UIC Freshman,

We, the UIC Congress and Staff Members sincerely congratulate your acceptance to Underwood International College, the best college in Yonsei University! With a great welcome to our community, we would like to inform all UIC 2019 Freshman on upcoming Freshman Event Schedule; the Freshman Orientation (OT) & Pre-Frosh Workshop (PFW).

1. 2019 Spring Freshman Orientation Schedule

  * There might be minor changes within the schedule.

2. Pre-Frosh Workshop (PFW)

* There might be minor changes within the schedule.

For any enquiries, please contact each event hosts.

For the map, please visit at http://yonsei.ac.kr/sc/intro/directions1.jsp

We look forward meeting you all very soon!

- Underwood International College -

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