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2019 GKS Foreigner Excellence Private Expense Scholarship Student Recruitment
Feb 7, 2019  |  Read: 584

2019 GKS Foreigner Excellence Private Expense Scholarship Student Recruitment


1. Selected number of students: 200


2. Scholarship aid information

¡  Scholarship aid information: 5,000,000KRW (500,000KRW monthly)

¡  Scholarship benefit period: 2019 March ~ 2019 December (10 months)


3. Application requirements

Applicant must meet ALL of the standards stated below



v      Students who have enrolled but has not acquired credits, graduate students,      students enrolled at cyber-college are excluded


v Transfer students must      have enrolled in college in Korea for more than 1 year (2 semesters) to be      able to apply


-        Students      who can submit the domestic college 2 semester transcript


v Students who have      foreign citizenship administrated as foreign student at the college


-        The      student and both parent must not possess Korean citizenship


v      Beneficiaries of scholarship provided by Korean government, college or      other institution (in this case means aid for living expenses that cover      more than 500,000KRW monthly) is excluded


Foreign student who is enrolled as sophomore, junior, or senior at undergraduate college (including vocational college) within Korea during the year for application at private expense


②    Must average over 80 points in 100 point scale during the entire enrollment period

③    Must average over 80 points in 100 point scale during the last semester

v Grades must be entered based on 100 point scale (when the transcript contains GPA only the college administrator need to record the converted score point, date, and seal or signature), and students who must round up for 80 points cannot apply

④    Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) level 4 or above

v Exam score is only valid for 2 years after the exam


4. Application document submission

¡  Online application

-      Application system (access address) : Korea Study Abroad Central System(www.studyinkorea.go.kr) [scholarship] – [foreigner excellence private expense scholarship student]

-      Online application period : 2019 January 29th (Tue) ~ 2019 February 25th (Mon) 18:00

-      Application process : sign up → online application → print application → submit to college with other necessary documents

¡   Application paper submission

-      Document submission period :

2019    February 20th (Wed) ~ 2019 February 26th (Tue)

-      Submission process

Applicant must prepare all necessary documents and visit the International Office International Team (Baek-yang Kwan Rm. S308) for submission

           (TEL : 02-3668-1367, FAX : 02-743-4992, E-mail : nhyuna@korea.kr)

¡  Submission documents

①    Application (online application and print from the system) 1 page

②    Copy of passport 1 page

③    Certificate of registration and transcript (of all the semesters enrolled) each 1 page

v Transfer students must also attach transcript covering all of the semesters enrolled from the previous (domestic) college

v Transcript must be based upon the “100 point converted scale” as principle. If the previous semester or other GPA must be converted manually to ‘100 point scale’ it must have the college administrator confirmation seal or signature

④    Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) score report 1 page

v College administrator’s confirmation of original copy seal or signature (printed copy of TOPIK homepage is admitted as an original copy)

⑤    Official foreign language test score report 1 page (for students that are relevant)

v Scores after 2016 January 1st is valid and Korean or native language is excluded

⑥    Letter of self-introduction and academic planning (handwritten in Korean, using the designated form) 1 page

⑦    Letter of recommendation (college, official institution etc) 1 page

v Must be drafted not as a formal letter of recommendation but contain detailed information about the applicant as a person

v Use designated form, applicant and referral personal data (including contact information of referral) and signature(seal) of referral must be included and submitted to college in sealed envelope

⑧    Other associated documents : 1 page each (for students that are relevant)

v <example> award certificate from variety of events, certification of volunteer activity, etc.


①    The English spelling of the applicant must be exactly the same as the one on the passport

②    Application and other necessary documents must be prepared in A4 size as principle

③    Individual application registration is not accepted, and must apply through the currently enrolled college

④    Transcript must be an official transcript issued from the relevant college

⑤    When submitting the documents all papers must be combined using stapler, clip, pincers in the following order and submitted

v Application + passport copy + certificate of registration + transcript (previous college first, then current college) + Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) score report + Official foreign language test score report + Letter of self-introduction and academic planning + recommendation (college administrator opens the seal) + other documents

⑥    When the submitted document’s content is inaccurate or missing a document the student is excluded from selection

⑦    Even after selected as scholarship student, if false information is confirmed, grade change etc occurs the student automatically loses scholarship qualification

v example of loss of scholarship qualification: early graduation, grade deficiency (spring semester grade is below 80 points), else the college administrator files for “Request for consideration of the loss of qualification of scholarship student”, the administrator of GKS will review and then decide the qualification of the student

⑧    The lack of selection students due to loss of qualification of scholarship student is not additionally selected, but waitlisted scholarship student is prioritized according to their total score and fall semester additional applicant selection is made from that list

v Since candidates are selected within the fund available, waitlist students may not be selected

⑨    All submitted documents are not returned


5. Contact Address

¡  The foreign study abroad student administrator at each college :

Tel) 02-2123-3488

Website: Korea Study Abroad Central System(www.studyinkorea.go.kr)


1.     Selection Process and Schedule


① After recommendation from university, NIIED forms a screening committee for the selection process

② Based on grade transcript, TOPIK score, self-introduction and Study Plan of an applicant, potentiality of contribution to relationship between the two countries and motivation for applying will be considered during the selection process

?  Selection Criteria

① Quantitative Evaluation (80 Points)






An average GPA   of the accumulated GPAs






Other Language Proficiency (Excluding Korean and

native language)


100 Percentage [(Acquired   score/Full Score)×100]



② Qualitative Evaluation (20 Points)

-           Self-Introduction/Study     Plan,   Recommendation    Letter, Voluntary Work, Awards, etc.

③ Evaluating ties

-       In  case  of  a  tie,  scores  will be  reevaluated  with the following order

1)GPA   2)Korean   Proficiency  3)Qualitative  Evaluation 4)Other language proficiency test scores






?  Dates for Applicant Selection and Scholarship Payment


①                           Announcement   of      the     new-year      scholarship    program       (NIIED→ Universities):  Jan 24(Thu)

②    Online Application(Applicants→NIIED) : Jan 29(Tue)~Feb 25(Mon)

③    Submission       of      application    documents    (Applicants→Universities→ NIIED):  March 8(Fri)

④   Setting up of the Screening Committee and  Screening of application documents(NIIED) :  Mid March

⑤    Notice of the selected scholars (NIIED→Universities): Late March

⑥   1st Semester     Scholarship   Payment(NIIED→Universities)       :        Late March

⑦ Submission of 1st Semester Grade Transcript (Universities→NIIED)

: Late August

⑦   1st Semester Scholarship Calculation(Universities→NIIED)   :        Mid September

⑨ Notice of the 2nd semester selected scholars(NIIED→Universities) : Late September

         2nd    Semester      Scholarship   Payment(NIIED→Universities)       :        Late September

         2nd    Semester      Scholarship   Calculation(Universities→NIIED)    :        Mid January, 2020


※ Dates may change in the future

※ Selected students will be announced on Study in Korea → My  Page and through relevant universities

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