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<NOTICE> Graduation Gown and Diploma Distribution
Jul 31, 2020  |  Read: 107

Graduation Gown and Diploma Distribution


Please refer to the following information regarding the graduation gown and diploma distribution.


1. Graduation Gown and Diploma Distribution & Rental Fee

   A. UIC will be distributing between from Aug 19th (Wed) to Aug 28th (Fri) from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the 2F, Daewoo Annex Hall, so please show your student ID & the receipt of the gown’s washing and storage fee to receive your academic attire. If someone else is picking up for you, he or she must show your student ID & the receipt for the graduation gown washing and storage fee.

   B. Graduation gown rental fee: KRW 5,000 for undergraduate graduates (payment through virtual account and please refer to the guideline attached)

   C. Students who have unreturned books to the library must return the books and receive a confirmation letter from the library in order to borrow the academic attire.

   D.  In order to borrow the academic attire, you must submit Questionnaire (attached) which contains your status after graduation to uic.career@yonsei.ac.kr no later than Aug 18th (Tue)You will not be able to pick up your academic attire without completing the questionnaire. * Make sure the email is titled: 2020 commencement questionnaire.


2. Graduation Album Distribution

   The graduation albums will be distributed at 2nd floor of the Student Union Building from Aug 19th (Wed) to Aug 28th (Fri) from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You must show your identification card (student ID) to receive the album, and if a representative is picking up for you, he or she must bring your identification card.


3. Returning the gown and distribution of certificate of graduation 

   A. Please return the graduation cap and gown by Aug 28th (Fri) 4:30 PM to receive your certificate of graduation.

   B. Unless you return them, your certificate of graduation will be temporarily suspended.


4. Contact Us

- Graduation and gown distribution/return: UIC Office (02-2123-3942, 3923)

- Graduation album: Student Welfare Student Support Team (02-2123-5121)


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