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Sep 23, 2020  |  Read: 146
Hosted by the Integrated Science Engineering Academic Society (ISEAS) and the UIC Integrated Science and Engineering Division, Science Fair 2020 will be held as follows:
*Science Fair 2020
1. Date & Time: 2020.11.25 (Wed) 18:00 to 21:00.
2. Place: Online ZOOM
*How to apply
1. Submit an application (Click!): due 2020.11.4. (Wed)
2. Submit a PPT research summary: due 2020.11.11. (Wed), Noon  
- Submission and inquiry: iseas@yonsei.ac.kr    
- The ISED Chair committee will evaluate all research summaries and select the participants for oral presentations.
- Details on the PPT research summary (content, format, length) will be sent to all registered applicants.   
The Science Fair is open to all interested students, and we look forward to your participation. 
Do not hesitate to apply for this opportunity if you wish to present your research in front of professors and peers.
All participants will receive a UIC Certificate, and the Best Presentation Award will be awarded to the top presenter.

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