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Starting November 13, a fine of up to 100,000 won for not wearing masks in a public facilities
Nov 17, 2020  |  Read: 239

□ Subject to imposition

▲ If the mask is not worn
▲ Wearing a mask but not covering the mouth and nose completely
▲ Covering the face with clothing such as a mesh or valve type mask or scarf

☞ Accepted Mask Type
: KF94, KF80, anti droplet masks, surgical masks, cloth masks, disposable masks, etc.


The mandatory wearing of masks is applied differently depending on the social distancing stage between facilities and locations at risk of spreading infectious diseases




 Social Distancing Stage 1: Focus on General Management Facilities (23 types), public transportation, assembly/demonstration, medical institutions/pharmacies, nursing facilities and day/night shelters facilities, religious facilities, indoor sports stadiums, high-risk workplaces (call centers, distribution and logistics centers, Meetings and events with the participation of more than 500 agreed by the local government

Social Distancing Stage 1.5: Including outdoor sports arena in stage 1 facilities


Target facility

Priority Management Facility

(9 types)

- 5types of entertainment facilities (entertainment bars such as clubs and room salons, karaoke bars, romantic bars, collatech, and hunting pocha)

- Singing practice room, Indoor performance areas, Direct sales promotion such as door-to-door sales

- Restaurant, cafes (general restaurant, leisure restaurant, bakeries)

General management facility

(14 types)

-  computer shop, wedding hall, funeral, Academy(including classroom), Vocational Training Institute

- Bathhouse , Performance hall, Movie theater, Amusement park·Water park

- Amusement room·Multi-room, etc.

- Indoor sports facilities, Esthetics and beauty businesses, Stores, marts and department stores, Reading rooms  and  study  cafes

Social distancing stage 2: The whole indoor and outdoor where high-risk activities are carried out

Social distancing steps 2.5 and 3: The whole indoor and outdoors where a distance of 2m or more is not maintained

It is mandatory for managers(operators) and employees as well as users to wear masks

※ Facilities and places subject to fines can be adjusted for each local government in consideration of the COVID19 pandemic

□ Target for Exception

▲ A person with developmental disabilities, etc. who is unable to wear or take off a mask without help from others

▲ A person determined by doctors who have difficulty on breathing when wearing a mask

▲ Those who have not turned 14years old.

▲ When washing your face, taking food, doing medical practice, in the swimming pool, and public bathhouse, etc.

▲ Inevitable situations where you have to show your face in a performance, etc.

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