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Strengthened University Measures in Response to the Spread of COVID-19 On and Off Campus
Nov 20, 2020  |  Read: 517


In response to the recent spread of COVID-19 on and off campus, Yonsei University will strengthen the following campus measures. We request your cooperation as we fight to end COVID-19 and vanguard the safety of the members of the Yonsei community.  


1. Background for implementing measures

   A. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus

   B. As part of preventive and follow-up disinfection measures to safely hold the university’s undergraduate early 

        admissions essay test 

        - Test dates: December 7 (Mon.), December 8 (Tues.)

        - After-test disinfection date: December 9 (Wed)

   C.    University’s response to the government’s elevation to Social Distancing Level 1.5


2. Strengthened measures


   A. Thorough temperature-checking of incoming visitors on campus

        1) Check often if thermal cameras are working properly

        2) If a thermal camera is not working due to the difference in indoors and outdoors temperatures, use a 

             non-contact thermometer to measure the visitor’s temperature


   B. Restricted access to campus buildings

        1) Period: November 23 (Mon.) - December 9 (Wed.)

        2) Closing of Central Library and Yonsei-Samsung Library (Sinchon Campus)

            - Materials loan and return service is closed. Additional fees for overdue materials during the closed 

              period will be waived (details to be announced on the Yonsei Library website).

         3) Student Union Building: Only essential services such as the cafeteria and the bank will be open. Access 

              to student club facilities is restricted.

         4) All classes will be converted to non-face-to-face format (all undergraduate courses, including courses 

              with laboratory, practice, or studio requirements as well as physical education courses)

             - Courses with laboratory, practice, or studio requirements that have unavoidable reasons to be held in 

                person must obtain prior approval from the Academic Support Team of the Office of Academic Affairs 

               (separate notice to be announced by the Academic Support Team)

             - Graduate schools, professional graduate schools, and special graduate schools must decide on class 

                 format after internal deliberation.

         5)  Reinforced implementation for Yonsei faculty and staff to work from home or commute with flexible 

               working hours (separate notice to be announced by the Human Resources Team)


   C. Strengthened social distancing guidelines for Yonsei faculty and staff and promotion of practicing personal 

         preventive measures

        1) Period: November 18 (Wed.) - December 9 (Wed.)

        2) Refrain from exposure to infection, such as travel or gatherings

        3) Always wear a face mask, thoroughly wash your hands, ventilate your space regularly, practice social 

              distancing, etc.



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