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[Veritas Research Center: Zoom Lecture and Discussion] “Is the American Reichstag burning?” (Dec. 10. at 5pm)
Nov 30, 2020  |  Read: 175

The Veritas Research Center would like to invite you to a Zoom lecture and discussion,

“Is the American Reichstag burning?” scheduled for December 10 at 5pm. 

Please RSVP at https://forms.gle/qNytE6EJEB4kvxDAA


Robert Beachy and the VRC Steering Committee


“Is the American “Reichstag” Burning?”  

Zoom Lecture and Discussion with Professor Benjamin Hett

Thursday, December 10 (2020) at 5pm

Please RSVP at https://forms.gle/qNytE6EJEB4kvxDAA

In February 1933 the German parliament building was badly damaged through an act of arson.  The attack gave Adolf Hitler a pretext for imprisoning his political opponents and marked the beginning of Germany’s descent into the dictatorship of the Third Reich.  To what extent do reactions to the recent US presidential election reflect a comparable threat to American democracy? 

Join Professor Hett of the CUNY Graduate Center, whose recent prize-winning books (The Death of Democracy: Hitler's Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic [2019], The Nazi Menace [2020], and Burning the Reichstag [2014]) have established him as a foremost authority on modern German history and its implications for the present.  

The event is sponsored by the UIC Veritas Research Center and is open to the public.

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