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2021 Spring Semester Graduation Album Photoshoot Schedule
Apr 19, 2021  |  Read: 122


 2021 Spring Semester Graduation Album Photoshoot Schedule

We ask for your understanding on the schedule changes for this year’s Graduation Album Photoshoot due to COVID-19.
1. Those who wish to take individual photoshoots for the 2021-1 semester can make a reservation at http://sevencolor.co.kr.
(For a re-schedule or cancellation of reservation, please contact at least by 6pm  ONE day before the scheduled photoshoot time.)

    - The photos will be included in the “Year 2022 Graduation Album”, which will be published in February 2022.
    - Graduation albums are published every February (only once a year)
    - Therefore, for the August 2021 (prospective) graduates who have not taken their photoshoots last year, their photos from this year’s photoshoot will only be available in February 2022.

2. Photoshoot Location & Schedule
     - Period: From May 10th (Mon) to May 14th (Fri), 10:00 – 16:00 (except lunch hour from 12:00 to 13:00)
     - Place: Student Union Building, 4th Floor, Sinchon (Individual photoshoots only)

3. Photos to be taken during the photoshoot
    - Application Photos (Headshots)
    - Headshots with Graduation Caps
   The following photoshoots will NOT take place for the Spring Semester:
   - (Outdoor) Profile Headshots
   - Group Photos

For any questions: 02-776-6666 (Seven Color Photos)

* Those who have not paid for the Album fee: Please check the announcements “The Guide on Payment of Graduation Album” on the university homepage.

*Additional fees will be asked for the purchase of any individual photos irrelevant to the Graduation Album.

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