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2021 JEJU-UCLG Global Young Creatives Residency (GYCR)
May 13, 2021  |  Read: 188

2021 JEJU-UCLG Global Young Creatives Residency (GYCR)

The Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture(JFAC), and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province are accepting applications for the 「2021 JEJU-UCLG Global Young Creatives Residency “Islands in Flow”」. UCLG Global Youth Creatives Residency is in its third year, and we bring young artists and young creative individuals from Korea and abroad to this beautiful islands of Jeju. Participants will be teamed up with domestic and international mentors to have an intense creative experience. We welcome creative young people to this residency where there will be creative flow, exchange of inspirations, and engagement with the local and global themes in this island with magnificent natural beauty and stories of thousands of gods and goddesses.

Please refer to the attached files for more information about the program and the application guidelines.

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