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The CDC posts and regularly updates a list of job and internship opportunities. This list is available on our website.

Our general advice to students is to be as assertive as possible in the pursuit of internship and job opportunities. The most successful students are those who are always looking for a way to gain experience and build their resume. Many of the postings on our website list opportunities that are available during summer and winter breaks. As you search for a position, get in contact with students and alumni who have successfully obtained positions, search the internet, join student clubs that are career-oriented, and of course, check in regularly with the CDC.

Find internships that interest you and try different things. Sometimes the most significant and important experiences are unexpected ones. Your path of discovery may wind a bit but eventually, through exploration, you will find your goal. The CDC is here to help in that pursuit, but ultimately, as you develop in your professional life, you are responsible for the outcome. A proactive approach will go a long way toward helping you find the position that you want.

No Title Date
2806 [Job] JP Morgan Seoul Branch Investment Banking Origination Assistant (submit by 9/18) 2019.09.17
2805 [Job] Samsung Electronics Full-time Opportunity for International Students (submit by 9/16) 2019.09.10
2804 [Notice] International Organization-MICE Career Fair (register by 9/20) 2019.09.10
2803 [Internship] SUPESU CN., LTD Marketing Intern 2019.09.10
2802 [Internship] SUPESU CN., LTD Business & Operations Intern 2019.09.10
2801 On-Campus Part-Time Job (Photography) 2019.09.04
2800 [Internship] NAVER WEBTOON French language Content Intern 2019.08.14
2799 [Internship] MOFA Korea-Latin America Cooperation Center 2020 OAS intern recruiting (submit by 8/30) 2019.08.09
2798 [Internship] UNESCO APCEIU Administrative Assistant recruiting (submit by 8/19) 2019.08.09
2797 [Internship] TPG Capital internship (submit by 8/9) 2019.08.06

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