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Apr 2, 2024  |  Read: 172

Join us for a special talk with Kyu Lee! 

Embark on a journey through the dynamic world of entertainment with Kyu C. Lee, also known as ‘’Q’’. For over a decade, Kyu has shaped the cinematic landscape with his visionary leadership at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he curated iconic titles such as Spider-Man and The Da Vinci Code. Not stopping at the silver screen, Kyu's influence transcends into music, where he orchestrated the global phenomenon of PSY's Gangnam Style, reshaping the industry. Founding Kino33 Entertainment in 2012, Kyu continues to innovate in film, television, and music management. As Senior Vice President of Sonic Tier Audio, he pushes the boundaries of sound technology, ensuring his legacy as a pioneer in entertainment. 

Don't miss your chance to catch Kyu C. Lee as our guest speaker on April 5th (Friday) at 3 pm in New Millennium Hall, Room #703, as part of our K-Arts and Culture Talk Series at GSIS.

RSVP :  https://forms.gle/ua569ydgn7QaBLL37

A former Sony Pictures veteran, Kyu co-produced the 206 summer hit OPERATION CHROMITE, a film about the Battle of Incheon set during the Korean War starring Lee Jung-Jae and Lian Neeson, brokered the US hit series  CRIMINAL MINDS as a remake in Korea and a several dozen films under his belt worldwide. 

Lee was also at the forefront in globalizing K-Pop Artist PSY's hit song, GANGNAM STYLE. He is responsible for activating PSY's activities in the US, resulting in PSY's worldwide success and becoming the #1 most viewed video in YouTube history. 

 As of late, Lee has managed talent and operated production in Korea led by Emmy Award Winner Lee Jung-Jae from Netflix's Squid Game and Star Wars series, The Acolyte.


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