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GSIS Open House
Oct 15, 2018  |  Read: 345

Please join us for GSIS OPEN HOUSE! We will be holding three sessions: introduction of GSIS programs by professors, explanation of career development opportunities with the GSIS Career Development Center, and a meet-up with current students. We invite you to utilize our academic and professional platform to achieve your future success.


OPEN HOUSE: October 31, 2:00pm at New Millennium Hall, Yonsei University

     - RSVP @ https://goo.gl/NnnEjU

Application Submission

     - For Korean Students: October 31 – November 16, 2018

     - For International Students: September 1 – November 30, 2018


     - For Korean Students: December 1, 2018 (Skype interview for overseas applicants)

     - For International Students: In early December, only at the request of the admissions committee.

Beginning of the semester: March 4, 2019


For more information, please email gsis@yonsei.ac.kr or call +82 2-2123-8484.

Website: https://gsis.yonsei.ac.kr

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