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Spring 2022 2nd UIC CDC Career Talk
Apr 26, 2022  |  Read: 336
Spring 2022 the 2nd UIC Alumni Career Talk
Tuesday, May 3rd, at 7:30 PM
Meeting ID: 982 1894 9231
Password: UIC
Title: "It’s Not Going to be Okay - But That's Okay"
Seung Kon Lee (Econ' 08)
Biomass Fuel Manager at GS Global Corp.

Ji Hun Lee (IS' 08)
B2B Team Lead at RECO
Former Head of TerraCycle Korea Office
News about bigger and worse obstacles regarding employment is increasing by the year. Seung Kon Lee, Manager at GS Global Corp, and Ji Hun Lee, B2B Team Lead at RECO, will share their personal experience about amplifying your strengths and getting the job you really want. By 'want' they will discuss how to sort and arrange priorities so that you don't strive for a work-life or career that your friends think is best, or what your parents want for you, but what you actually can achieve and continuously perform well in. 
There are already enough people who tell you it's going to get better. We are here to tell you that now is the prime of your life. Sure GPAs and test scores are important. What's not okay is sitting behind your desk all day and not knowing what it means to live. Go out and explore, and most of all, discover what your strengths are.
Employers look for doers and problem solvers, not 'good' students. Sure having good grades show that you are diligent and able to organize and understand the material quickly, but it takes more to separate you from the others who are all looking to get employed. It's not all about the perfect GPA,  we should know. Tune in if you want to hear about how we positioned ourselves within the career market.
- Why it's not going to be okay, and why that is okay
- Life as Korea's largest biomass fuel trader
- Life as a Former Head of TerraCycle, to becoming Lead of Business Development at a Korean Start-Up
- What to discover before you set your career goals
- Just do it (Hagakure)

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