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[UIC Alumni Career Talk]
May 13, 2022  |  Read: 438

[UIC Alumni Career Talk]

Title: Strive to be a Polymath. Connect the Dots!

Speaker: Christine (Yeon Seo) Koh (IS’ 22)
- Sales Specialist at The Dow Chemical Company; Will be promoted to Account Manager in Oct. 2022 after graduating the Commercial (Marketing & Sales) Development Program in Sept. 2022
- National Champion & Regional Finalist of P&G CEO Challenge 2020
- Former PwC Consulting Operation Intern
- Former MyCreditChain Marketing Intern

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

Specialization is cherished in the career market. Individuals are given the impression that they have to demonstrate expertise in a specific field of study or skill for them to be recognized as qualified candidates for a prestigious company. However, why do we have to ‘specialize’ in just one when we are all born with multifarious potential? Shouldn’t we rather value versatility?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Christine Koh, a sales specialist at The Dow Chemical Company, will share her journey of exploring personal interests, understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, and molding career aspirations. She hopes that students will be able to determine their unique value proposition and effectively brand themselves to secure a satisfactory position in the career market. She also wishes to emphasize that one should not be content with their current achievements and always strive to be a better version of themselves.

    Part #1: Ice-breaking & Self-introduction
        *About Christine Koh
        *About Working at The Dow Chemical Company, a global materials science leader
    Part #2: Overview of Employment in South Korea
        *Recruitment Process: Korean Conglomerate vs. Multinational Company
        *How to prepare in advance & To-Dos
        *Important points to keep in mind
    Part #3: The Importance of Knowing Yourself
        *Individual attitude & mindset
        *Developing & Executing Action Plans
    Part #4: Closing Remarks & Q&A Session
        *Proud to be at Yonsei UIC
        *Key Takeaways

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