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Visa/Alien Registration

All foreigners planning to stay in Korea for more than 90 days must report to the Seoul Immigration Office (02-2650-6212, ext. 7) and register for a Certificate of Alien Registration within 90 days from the arrival date. To apply for the Alien Registration Card, students should have already obtained a long-term visa. (Students based at the International Campus must report to the Incheon Immigration Office.)

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • A certificate of attendance issued from the Service Center
  • 2 color photos (3 X 4cm)
  • Fee: 10,000KRW

It takes approximately 7-10 business days for the Immigration Office to process the application. Applicants must leave their passport with the Immigration Office during this period and the office will return it when the application process is completed. If the Alien Registration Card is lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed; if the applicant needs to change any information on the certificate; or if the certificate runs out of spaces for additional information or changes, the applicant must return to the Immigration Office and apply for re-issuance or change the certificate within 14 days. Please visit the Immigration Bureau website for more information on re-entry permits, visa extensions, and changes to visa status.

How to get to the Seoul Immigration Office (Sinchon Campus Students)


From Sinchon Station, take subway line no. 2. Transfer to line no. 5 (purple line) at Yeongdeungpogu-Office Station. Get off at Omokgyo Station and come out of exit no. 7. Walk straight for 10 minutes. Pass Mokdong Middle School, and you will see a seven-storey gray building.

How to get to the Incheon Immigration Office (International Campus Students)
Take bus #91; the bus departs from the international campus and stops at Sungji APT bus stop; then cross the street to the Hanjin APT bus stop; from there, transfer to bus #908 and get off at the Korean Immigration Office stop. It will take about one hour to get there.
Yonsei International Campus -> Incheon Immigration Office (about 10,000 won)
Campus Town Station -> East Incheon Station-> Taxi (about 4,000 won)
Re-entry Permit
Students may leave the country multiple times without paying a fee, as long as they return before the Alien Registration Card (ARC) expires. If the ARC expires before the student’s return, there will be a fee and the ARC/visa status will have to be updated.

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