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Underwood Division (UD)

Founded in 2005, Underwood Division (UD) is the oldest division at UIC with five specialized majors combined by a rigorous common curriculum program, emphasizing core reasoning and communication skills. UD students may choose from five majors covering humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

During their first-year of study, all Underwood Division students will be involved in a residential college life at the Yonsei International Campus, where they will take common curriculum courses with students from other UIC divisions, introductory courses to majors and various electives. Starting from their second year, students will move to the Sinchon Campus, where they will take the courses of their respective majors, electives, UIC seminars and other common curriculum courses.


The Life Science and Biotechnology (LSBT) major has been methodically created to prepare undergraduate students who aspire to join the ranks of cutting edge scientists solving society’s problems today as well as anticipating tomorrow’s challenges. Disease, famine, and drought create human health and environmental struggles, which can be confronted and overcome by professionals who have been educated and trained in the basic sciences as well as applied- and integrated-scientific fields. Genomics and proteomics have led the scientific frontier to integrative omics, the culmination of interdisciplinary research and collaboration. It is through this integration of scientific study and research that society will triumph over disease and natural disaster by: crafting personalized medical treatments based on an individual’s genome and proteome, creating plants that can nourish and immunize human populations, resisting insect and microbiological pests without the need for pesticides, and surviving drought conditions.

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