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Integrated Science and Engineering Division (ISE)

The Integrated Science and Engineering (ISE) Division is designed for students who seek to pursue careers in the natural sciences and engineering, and for those who also wish to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on their chosen specialization that is not available in a typical natural science program. ISED students gain a thorough understanding of subjects including biotechnology, nanoscience, energy and environmental engineering by rigorously studying theory and application in both the classroom and through hands-on experience in the laboratory. At the same time, students gain a solid understanding of the ways in which science and technology affect our society, politics, and economy.


The program is conducted in an interdisciplinary environment that centers upon coursework in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and pharmacy that cover the diverse biological phenomena and various advanced technologies used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. First year students take introductory courses as well as foundational courses in math and science such as, calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics. Sophomores complete the major requirement courses such as, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry, with juniors being introduced to more advanced courses on the social issues of technology. In the final year, seniors complete their graduation requirement, an independent research program.

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