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The purpose of the Freshman Writing Intensive Seminar (FWIS) is to help students develop and hone college-level composition skills through intensive training on all stages of non-fiction expository writing. A small class size, substantial writing load, and sustained instructor’s feedback will teach both the fundamental skills and tools of expository writing. The course will emphasize both interpretive skills/techniques of reading as well as skills in writing and argumentation. Through the intense study of a selected academic topic, students will develop fundamental skills of academic writing.

Course samples

  • The Spectrum of Academic Writing, Arts in Korea, Gothic Fiction and Film, 1764 - 1990
  • Classical Latin Grammar
  • The Generosity of Place
  • Victorian Biography
  • The Poetics and Politics of Walking
  • The Holocaust
  • Contested Memories
  • Writing the History of Atrocities in the 20th Century
  • Introduction to Critical Theory



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