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Techno-Art Division (TAD)

Techno-Art Division (TAD) was founded to pioneer new interdisciplinary undergraduate program that brings together instruction in Design, Culture, Technology, and Management. The division’s goal is to educate global leaders who will translate creativity into innovation by conceptualizing, designing, and managing new products and services for innovative user experience and value creation based on Information & Communication Technology (ICT). TAD also aims to educate students in creative leadership and entrepreneurship so they become experts in the convergence and integration. TAD students acquire the managerial skills that will allow them to become creative innovators in design, culture, and technology. TAD currently offers three different majors: Information and Interaction Design (IID), Creative Technology Management, and Culture and Design Management.


The Information and Interaction Design (IID) Major focuses on developing effective information systems and exploring new forms of interaction through the study and practice of design. We believe that designers of the future are not mere form-givers to 2D screen or 3D objects; they are creative thinkers who are able to discover new possibilities and meticulously shape the form and behavior of products, services, environments, and systems that embrace real-world challenges. Based on the principle of human-centered design, the Information and Interaction Design major enables our students to become effective communicators in various contexts as well as well-rounded problem solvers, leveraging their roles through the synthesis of creative design approaches, relevant technology, and rigorous and systematic thinking through research.

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