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Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Division (HASS)

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Division focuses on interdisciplinary approaches covering various field of interest from regional studies, art, business, social sciences, to humanities. Students not only specialize in their respective fields, but also learn to explore and utilize the broader perspectives and framework that are requisite in today’s workplace, whether it be the public sector, multinational corporations, NGOs, or academia.


The Science, Technology, and Policy (STP) major combines concepts and methods from the humanities and social sciences to provide a framework through which to analyze the complex interactions between science, technology, and society. The STP is designed to empower students to frame and forecast science and technology in the service of society. It prepares students to understand both the technical and social dimensions of science and technology, giving them a language to frame and apply critical interdisciplinary thinking, research, and communication skills in national and international policy issues of government, private and public sectors including NGOs, in order to become leaders in our increasingly technology-driven society.

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