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Integrated Social Sciences Division (ISSD)

The Integrated Social Sciences Division (ISSD) provides a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and applying the social sciences in the contemporary society. ISSD students will explore the interactions among the civil society, finance, public policy, development, and technology. The program is well-suited for students who wish to acquire a well-balanced, multidisciplinary perspective, which blends the practical and theoretical frameworks necessary for becoming tomorrow’s leaders of society. ISSD's faculty members are drawn from diverse disciplines, including philosophy, politics, economics, sociology, theology, law, statistics, mathematics, quantitative analysis, material science, engineering, biochemistry, biology, environmental engineering, information & industrial engineering, social welfare, public health and public policy.


The SDC major fully utilizes the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of faculty from various academic departments. World-class faculty members in the area of international development and cooperation are drawn from the Graduate School of International Studies, the Department of Social Welfare, the Department of Administration, and the Graduate School of Public Health. In addition, specialists in international development and cooperation from development agencies, such as KOICA, will participate in lectures and field research to enhance students’ practical knowledge of real-life development situations and strategies.

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