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The World Literature-World History-World Philosophy (L-H-P) series is the very heart of UIC's Common Curriculum, introducing students to the principal humanistic disciplines. The courses engage deeply with literary, philosophical, and historical texts with the focus on stimulating thought-provoking questions over the rote accumulation of knowledge. Each L-H-P course focuses on different themes, reflecting the research interest and the academic specialty of the Common Curriculum faculty.

Courses under L-H-P series include:

World Literature

  • Classical Literature
    Greek Tragedy: Trojan Homecomings, Homeric Epic, Roman Beach Reading: The Ancient Novel and Menippean Satire, Heroes & Anti-Heroes
  • East Asian Literature
    The Colonial Period Korean Novel, Modern and Contemporary Korean Short Fiction, What Were They Reading? Beginnings of Modern Literature in East Asia, Postwar Japan, East Asia’s Memory Problems, Hong Kong Anglophone Literature and Film
  • European and American Literature
    British and American Romanticism, The Postwar American Immigrant Novel, The Social Novel
  • Comparative Literature
    Theories of Colonialism, Possible Better Worlds, Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Modernism and Modernity: Shock Aesthetics, Critical Approaches to Popular Culture


World History

World History courses offer an intimate introduction to different historical periods in transnational contexts. World History categories of "Group I" and "Group II" provides students with varying degrees of depth in the coverage of the particular professor’s areas of expertise. Whereas World History I introduces students to the longue durée history of a region, World History II examines more focused themes within a narrower chronological period. These courses collectively feature our departmental strengths in European, British, American, Mongolian, South Asian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Oceanic world history.


World Philosophy

  • Descartes’ Meditations and its Contemporary Relevance
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Classical Asian Philosophy
  • Paradoxes
  • Social Epistemology
  • Irony in Philosophy and Literature
  • Philosophy of Love
  • Anxiety, Despair, and Death
  • Spinoza - The Ethics of Human Finitude
  • Sameness and Difference - An Introduction to Metaphysics
  • Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Film
  • Time, Change, and Freedom
  • Mind and World
  • Skeptical Arguments from Antiquity to the Present
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophers on Beauty

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