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UIC Research Project - Global
Launched in 2013, the UIC Global Research Competition cultivates and encourages real-world research experience by providing UIC undergraduates with the funds and mentorship to plan and execute a self-directed research project anywhere around the world. Students from a full range of disciplines-the hard sciences to the humanities-can submit a proposal for a project as long as the project will enhance and deepen the student’s knowledge in the classroom. With help from UIC faculty, undergraduates learn each phase of the standard research process: developing research plans, writing proposals, conducting research, analyzing data, and presenting research results.

Upon completion of the research, students showcase their research through formal presentations and poster sessions. Selected excerpts from their research will be published in various UIC publications.

2020: Korea

Developing a Solution for Employment for a Post-Pandemic Era: Prototyping a Mock Interview App based on User Research

•Chiwon Lee (IID '17)
•Orein Jafter (NSE '18)


2020: Korea

An Analytical Study of University-Community Partnership: focusing on Yonsei University and Seodaemun-gu

•Hynsoo Lee (IS '17)
•Kayoung Choi (ECON '17)
•Seungyun Jin (ECON '18)


2020: Korea

A Study on How Telecommuting Due to Covid-19 Affects People’s Leisure Time

•Kyungeun Ahn (ECON '17)
•Jonghoon Jeon (ECON '17)


2020: Akita, Melville, and Ljubljana

Age-Friendly Communities: Case Studies from Akita, Melville, and Ljubljana and Implications for Socio-Cultural Policies

•Seo Hyun Kwon (ECON '18)
•Seyee Kim (ECON '18)
•Jungsu Ryu (ECON '18)


2019: Okinawa & Jeju

From the "Tears" to the "Peace": The Peace Narrative and Conflicts in Okinawa and Jeju
  • Shin Kim (AS '15)
  • Jakyung Hong (AS '16)
  • Joohyun Lee (AS '16)



2019: Turkey & Korea

A comparative study on humanitarian diplomacy in South Korea and Turkey: on the role of NGOs in Assisting refugees
  • Hayoung Lee (JSC '16)
  • Tabitha Kwon (IS '16)



2019: France & Korea

An analytical study on broadening literary exchange between France and Korea
  • Jaeyeon Jeon (CLC '15)
  • Marie Brunet (CLC '16)



2019: Canada

"Righting" and expanding the nation and narrations: research on cultural accomplishments of first nations in Canadian museums
  • Ajung Ryoo (IS '16)



2018: Tallinn and Songdo

Emergence of Smart Cities: Tallinn and Songdo

• Koh, Yeon Seo (IS 17)
• Kim Jung Yun (ECON 17)
• Hong Seoyeon (HASS 17)

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2018: Hawaii

The Coexistence and Interplay of Ethnic and Situational Identity in Hawaii: Focusing on Kama’aina Spirit

• Lee, Saehyun (HASS 17)
• Kim Jinhee (CLC 17)
• Lee Jung Youn (AS 17)

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2018: Philippines

An Analytical Study on the Kopino Phenomenon: Effectiveness of Current Efforts and Suggestions for the Future

• Natalie, Elaine (IS 16)
• Kim, Mijin (CLC 16)
• Dawoom Jung (IS 16.5)

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2017: Hungary & Czech Republic

How to Innovate Border-Bound Work Environment

• Hyewon Shin (ECON 16)
• Jean Lee (CTM 16)
• Ayoung Cho (CTM 16)

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2017: Japan

Application of Robotics in Caring the Aging Population

• Hye June Cha (CLC 14)
• Daeun Jeong (IID 14)
• So Yeon Park (QRM 14)
• Ye Eun Park (STP 14)

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2016: Iceland

A Comparative Study on Gender Equality in Iceland and South Korea: Overcoming the Androcentric Bias in Economic Participation and Opportunity
  • Yee Rem Kim (IS 14)
  • Joohyun Lim (ISSD 14)
  • Hyojung Roh (ISSD 14)

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2016: Canada

Winter is Coming
  • Soojin Sohn (IS 15)
  • Ayumi Carolina Fujimoto (ISED 15)
  • Tan Ziyin Ilyna (IS 15)

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2016: Japan

Development of Elderly Alzheimer Care in Japan
  • Shannon Yi Xin Chew (ASD 14)
  • Min Jee Lee (ASD 15)

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2015: India

What Fair Trade Brings to India? : The Structure, Incentive, Sustainability And Implication of Fair Trade in India
  • Sunghee Jung (ECON 12)
  • Kian Lee (AS 12)

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2015: South Africa

South Africa’s Alternatives to Global Fashion Industry : African Apparel
  • Gyuwon Baek (TAD 15)
  • Keon Jun Lee (UD 15)
  • Bumjun Choo (UD 15)

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2015: UK, Germany

Ultimate Sharing Economy: Excavating the Unknown, Memories of 10 Days

Weonjung Hong (CTM 13)

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2014: Cuba

THE CUBA CURE: Sustainability of Cuban Urban Agriculture and its Adaptability to South Korea
  • Alejandro Revilla (IS 10)
  • Hyungbin Lim (IS 13)
  • Seonwoo Kim (CLC 13)

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2014: Finland

Entrepreneurship Society of Finland: Suggestions for Korean University-level Invigoration
  • Jinwoo Cheon (CTM 13)
  • Hee Young Lee (CTM 13)
  • Min Kyu Jung (CDM 13)
  • Seiyoung Jung (IID 13)

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2013: US

Silicon Valley, the Ecosystem of Innovation: Case Study on DNS of Innovation
  • YoonJeong Cha (CTM 12)
  • Jooyeon Lee (IID 12)

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2013: US and Japan

The Korean Wave: Redefining Korean Diasporic Identities
  • Kyooeun Jang (CLC 10)
  • Jiyoung Sohn (CLC 10)

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