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Regulations to Know


General Regulation on Attendance

  • Students who do not attend 1/3 of the class or more in a single semester will not be able to receive the credit for the course (and will be automatically graded “F” for the course).



Excused Absence

  • Absence due to an illness or a death of an immediate or a close family member will be counted as an excused absence when a documentation evidence is submitted to the professor within 7 days of the incident (Attendance may be excused for 5 days in the case of parent’s death, 2 days for death of grandparents, and 1 day for the death of siblings).



Menstruation Absence for Female Students

  • Menstruation absences are permitted for a maximum of 5 days per semester, and a maximum of 2 days per request. Once the student uses their menstruation absence, they cannot apply for another menstruation absence before 3 weeks.
  • Students may print the absence request form at: portal.yonsei.ac.kr → Academic Management → [Curriculum/Course] → Attendance Requirement Waiver.
  • Approval or disapproval of the absence is under the discretion of the professor (Absence waivers are not accepted for Chapel, examinations, and evaluations).
  • Students must submit the absence request within 10 days of the absence date.



Electronic Attendance

  • For lectures with more than 120 students, attendance is taken electronically using the student ID card or the Y-Attend mobile application.



Attendance Standards

Regular Lectures

  • 10 minutes before the starting time - 5 minutes late:Attendance
  • 5 minutes - 20 minutes late:Tardy
  • 20 minutes late or more:Absent


  • 15minutes before the starting time - 5 minutes 59 seconds late : Attendance
  • 6 minutes late or more:Absent




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