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Regulations to Know


Declaring a major

UIC students are required to select their 1st major from within their division at the end of the second semester.







Changing a major: within UIC


Change to a Major Outside the Division

  • In principle, students cannot change their major to a major outside of the division in UIC. In other words, students cannot transfer to a different major outside of their division within UIC. In order to change to a major outside of their division, the student has to go through readmission.
  • The guidelines for readmission are as follows. For details, please contact your academic advisor:
    A student may obtain permission for readmission only once and only if there is a vacancy in the normal quota. Anyone subject to any of the following conditions is banned from re-admission:
    - Dismissed for concurrently registering at another college/university.
    - Dismissed after readmission, transfer, transfer for second degree, change of college/department.
    - Dismissed as a result of university's disciplinary judgment.
    - Students dismissed because of poor academic standing are not allowed to apply for readmission for two years.


Change to a Major Within the Division

  • A change in major affiliation, when approved, may not become effective until the beginning of the next semester.
  • Changing a major is allowed only once. Switching to a major outside of the division to which the student was initially admitted is prohibited.




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