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1. Y-TOP (Yonsei 's Main Application)
Search for 'Yonsei University' or 'YonseiTop' from any smart phone app store and install the Y-TOP, Yonsei's main application along with the Y-LINK, an instant alert service. YonseiTop is a Total Platform that links all on-campus mobile web into one application platform.



2. Y-BUS (Shuttle Bus Service)
Y-BUS is an integrated transportation app that shows the real-time location of the Sinchon Campus shuttles; It also supports prior seat booking service for the International Campus shuttles.



3. Y-DIARY (Campus Calendar) / Yonsei Gong-Gam OCX (Open Campus eXperience)
Through the Y-DIARY students can have an overview of the entire daily campus schedules, including academic, class and YSCEC (Yonsei Creative Education Community) information. Further details about academic affairs, cultural events and other on-campus events can be accessed on Yonsei Gong-Gam OCX, an integrated one-stop service portal.



4. Y-Attend (Electronic Attendance Platform) Gong-Gam OCX (Open Campus eXperience)
The Y-Attend electronic attendance app enables automatic attendance checks for large lecture halls using beacon technology. The conventional student ID card attendance system is still available. In smaller lecture halls, attendance can be checked by inputting the attendance confirmation number into the application, which is issued by the professor electronically. Through Y-Attend, students can receive instant notification regarding class cancellations and make up classes; students can also access the weekly class schedules as well.



5. Y-MID (Mobile Student ID Card) Gong-Gam
Students can now access the library more easily with the mobile student ID card. A smart phone screen lock function is also provided to ensure security for lost phones.



6. mY-Seat (Library Seat Reservation)
You can access the entire library service on your phone. Instead of waiting in a long queue to assign a seat at the KIOSK, you can now easily reserve a seat through the mY-Seat app.


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