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Regulations to Know


Leave for general reasons

  • Students can apply for a leave of absence for general reasons (e.g., family matters, study abroad, medical issues, pregnancy/childbirth/child care, preparation for a business start-up etc.), or purposes of enlistment planning (when the enlistment notice has not been received yet).
  • How to apply for leave of absence for general reasons: Yonsei Portal Service (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr) → Academic Information System → Academic Management System → Student Record → Leave/Return → Leave of Absence → Confirm Bank Account → Apply
  • Dates to file leave: From approximately 3 weeks from the beginning of semester until 2/3 of the semester expires. However, leave of absence due to medical reasons is an exception to this rule and has an extended due date. To apply for a leave for medical reasons, a medical certificate from the Severance Hospital or any other tertiary hospital & a confirmation certificate from the Yonsei University Health Service Center along with the completed application form should be submitted to the Yonsei University Service Center.
  • Tuition: Students who request for a leave of absence during the registration period do not have to pay the tuition, but those who apply after the registration period will receive a refund which will be determined by the date to file leave. Tuition can only be refunded if you apply for a leave of absence within 90 days after the semester begins.
  • Please contact the Financial and Accounting Team, Office of General Affairs (02-2123-4500) for issues regarding tuition refund.
  • Check the registration period at: Yonsei University website → Campus Life → Notice → Registration Guideline). Students applying for a general leave must enter/change their bank account number for the tuition refund before filing the request. Students who have not registered their bank account information cannot request a leave.
  • Grades: If you are allowed a leave of absence for general reasons, all your course enrollments will be canceled and will not be graded.




Leave for military service

  • Students who have received an enlistment notice can apply for a military service leave.
  • How to apply for military service leave: Yonsei Portal Service (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr) → Academic Information System → Academic Management System → Student Record → Leave/Return → Leave of Absence for Military Service → Upload Document(s) (Upload only the first page of enlistment notice in PDF or HWP format, less than 2MB)
  • Dates to file leave:
    ① Before 2/3 of the semester, from the day of receiving the enlistment notice to the day of enlistment
    ② From 2/3 of the semester, from one week before the enlistment day to the day of enlistment.
  • Effective date:
    ① Before 2/3 of the semester, Either the document submission date for leave or enlistment date, whichever is earlier,
    ② From 2/3 of the semester, Enlistment date (※ Confirm your leave status 24 working hours later after uploading the required document by clicking ‘Leave of Absence for Military Service’ at the Yonsei Portal Service).

General Regulations about Leave of Absence

  • Total period of leave: Total period of leave cannot exceed 6 semesters (excluding any period of leave for military service). 
  • Students who are on general leave of absence must change to military leave before the day of enlistment. 
  • Leave of absence is not allowed for the first semester of freshman, transfer admission, or re-admission students. Enlistment in the military services or for an illness, pregnancy/childcare are exceptions to this rule. 
  • Student must return any scholarships received prior to applying for a leave:
    Visit Scholarship and Employment Team (02-2123-2126-7, Student Union Building 202) → Submit a completed cancelation of scholarship form → pay back the full scholarship payment to the designated scholarship return account. 
  • For general leave of absence, students do not have to specify the duration of leave; a general leave of absence is granted until the student applies for a return. (Students must request for a return before they exceed the maximum leave period). 
  • Cancellation of military service leave: Students must file a cancellation of leave form with the “Notice of Return” to the Yonsei Service Center within a week if, immediately following enlistment, he is discharged from the military. 
  • Students must apply for a return during the designated period for returning, within a year after they complete military service. 
  • Students who wish to receive scholarship at the time of their return must submit documents during the regular scholarship application period by the end of the semester before their expected return.




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