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Academic Life at UIC

All UIC students spend their freshman year at the Yonsei International Campus, located in Songdo. The Residential College at Yonsei International Campus is designed to provide UIC freshmen with the essential ethical, intellectual, and emotional foundation for personal growth. Combined with the Residential College life, the UIC Common Curriculum allows students to develop the critical thinking and communication skills that will enhance their learning experience in their chosen field. To prepare students for the rigorous Common Curriculum courses and English writing, UIC provides a 4-week English Intensive Writing Clinic during the winter break before matriculation.


“UIC is immensely diverse and lets you unlock the full capabilities to live the international life.
[...] Meeting and being alongside other global leaders strikes me hopeful for the potential future!”
- Scott Bernard Bunal, 20 Underwood Division (Economics) -
“Since my freshman year, by studying the CC courses that everyone in UIC is required to take,
I have matured my skills in liberal studies. I got to learn about eastern and western civilizations,
modern European literature, and even had a chance to cooperate with others to conduct surveys
regarding social issues. Although it was difficult to manage my studies as a freshman,
I believe I became a better person while studying at UIC.”
- Yoorim Kwon, 19 Economics -


“Common Curriculum courses sharply cultivated my insight providing me
with a liberal arts background and helped me to develop how I express my thoughts.
I started from being scared of 5-page essays to loving to write and share.”
- Sujin Lee, Executive Director, 13 Creative Technology Management -


“As a science student in high school, I had never imagined myself learning about cultural history,
literature nor how a national identity could be constructed. Here, at UIC, I am being exposed to the various humanities subjects that a liberal arts education offers. UIC has given me a chance to understand
the world as well as the human race and its development from a whole new perspective.”
- Bao Linh Nguyen, 12 Economics -




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