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Academic Life at UIC

The senior students have the option to take the Senior Thesis and conclude their undergraduate program by undertaking a research project in their field of specialization, under the supervision of a professor.

The UIC Career Development Center assists students on an individual basis so as to prepare for their careers upon their graduation. Students take on a wide spectrum of careers in fields such as finance, civil service, IT and NGOs. Many also choose to further pursue a higher education at graduate and professional schools in fields such as medicine, law, humanities, social sciences and more.


“UIC has been a wonderful learning experience, and I can earnestly say that one could seek to gain as much academic knowledge as well as interpersonal skills as a student here. The global atmosphere is beneficial to personal growth and allows the journey to be more exciting as you meet peers as well as faculty from all over the world. The possibilities are endless, that is if you are willing to open yourself up to them.”
- Amara Buana, 17 International Studies -


“UIC provided me with the freedom and opportunity to explore interdisciplinary academics. With the guidance of professors and peers from different parts of the world I was able to consider different perspectives and learn about strides that other countries are making in my areas of interest.”
- Nicole Wert, 16 Creative Technology Management & Energy and Environmental Science and Engineering -


“UIC allows you to utilize all kinds of resources to study any subject that you want to learn. Additionally, the excellent mentors I met at UIC make me who I am today. If I could go back in time, I would advise myself to focus on three essential things — expand your network, study everything, and have more fun. Don’t take things for granted. Studying in college is literally one of the best things in your life. Enjoy it while you can.”
- James Chen, 16 Economics -




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