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Academic Life at UIC

Students begin their major courses and hone analytical and critical thinking through interdisciplinary courses focused on research. Students can participate in the various extra-curricular programs offered by Yonsei University or UIC to expand their learning beyond the classroom.


“UIC is a college that welcomes diversity, and it is unique as it offers many majors that are not prevalent
in other colleges here in Korea. For instance, UIC is one of the few colleges that offers
a sustainable development major. Thus, it opens new doors for opportunities
as it allows students to explore various subjects.”
- Kailey Jung, 18 Economics & Sustainable Development and Cooperation -


“Double-majoring has enabled me to tap into the diversification and curriculum-focused
nature of the UIC major offerings, empowering me to have a flexible yet comprehensive education
based on the majors that I have chosen.”
- Hayden Choo Zheng Yang, 15 International Studies & Creative Technology Management -


“I feel free when I am in Design Factory Korea (DFK). Relationships with friends and professors
become freer and so do my thoughts. Collaborating with students from various fields such as business, art,
and engineering, we analyze and approach the problems from our respective perspective of expertise.
DFK is a unique playground for students.”
- Jisun Kim, 13 Information and Interaction Design -


“UIC is well-positioned to look both inbound (domestically) and outbound (globally).
Every moment I have spent at UIC has been a very fulfilling experience. After two years at UIC, I have grown a lot academically and personally thanks to the rigorous curriculum and the international environment that UIC offers. I am very excited for the journey ahead with UIC and beyond.”
- Phan Ho Bao Vy, 19 Creative Technology Management -


“The clubs and extracurricular activities are a significant part of most students' lives.
They become the source of relationships and friendships not only within Yonsei, but also the graduates, professors, and other students from other universities. There is a unique atmosphere and culture within Korean club activities; extracurricular is a central part of life at Yonsei.”
- Shin Young Roh, 10 Comparative Literature and Culture -




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