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Academic Life at UIC

Students are eligible to apply for the Yonsei University Exchange Programs. The UIC-Exclusive Exchange Program allows UIC students to study abroad at the world’s most prestigious post-secondary institutions, including the University of Geneva, Waseda University, and Dartmouth College. Various career-related opportunities are given such as visiting multinational companies and firms around the world through the Global Career Tour. Those interested in conducting academic research can practice their academic pursuit at the Global Research Competition and the UIC Research Project.


“The global environment of UIC coupled with the plethora of Common Curriculum courses allows students to obtain an open-minded and diversified vision, which is key to success in this globalised world.”
- Farah Aziz, 18 Life Science and Biotechnology -
“The Global Career Tour granted me with networking opportunities with upperclassmen,
life lessons and insights that I would not have obtained otherwise.”
- Haeun Theodora Yu, 12 International Relations -
“The Global Research Competition expanded my perspective of the world beyond North East Asia,
West Europe and North America to the wider extent and richness of other culture.”
- Keon Jun Lee, 15 Economics -
“It’s been quite a life-changing experience to spend my four years of college at UIC. Academic-wise, the liberal arts system has helped to broaden my knowledge on a wide range of areas from sciences to humanities, which is quite an asset in today’s globalized world. Social-wise, the valuable memories of living in Korea and especially of the close community I have at UIC will definitely last for a lifetime.”
- Hahn Do, 18 International Studies -


“Studying at UIC, I get to broaden my mind and have a more thorough understanding of other people as well as the world around me by meeting international friends from diverse backgrounds and being offered with various interdisciplinary courses.”
- Van Anh Nguyen, 18 Creative Technology Management -




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